Roussel Vietnam Festival 26/3

Roussel Vietnam Festival 26/3

26th March each year is “Roussel Vietnam Festival” day, all employees the company has a reunion in exciting atmosphere of the Festival Roussel Vietnam. This is an opportunity for people interact, strengthen solidarity and express a culture Roussel Vietnam.

Festival took place in a joyful atmosphere, through collective games such as tug backwards, shuttlecock, table tennis, hand packing gold, karaoke and special points of this year is "Que Market cuisine " with food booths of 3 regions were presented extremely elaborate and colorful.

Ending the festival, all the members of the company attended the intimate party with special music repertoire.

Some pictures of  the festival :

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With the consent of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee of Trade Unions has organized vacation tour for the entire staff of Roussel Vietnam in the Phan Thiet city from 17/6 - 19/6/2015.