Roussel Vietnam honorably to be awarded Ton Duc Thang Prize 2015

Date 15. 08.2015. at the City Theatre, People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City,  Labor Union of Ho Chi Minh city organized the 15th Ton Duc Thang award-  2015, in honor of 15 representative workers and engineers. This is an noble annual award honoring those initiatives in manufacturing help business have high benefit.

Engineer Truong Quoc Hung (room Electromechanical - Water, Roussel Vietnam) is one of 15 people to be awarded the 15th Ton Duc Thang prize  - year 2015.

In the course of work at the factory, engineers Truong Quoc Hung operate the air handling system, RO water, wastewater treatment and recognizing some of the limitations of these systems. After a period of research, he and colleagues have taken many initiatives to change the process control system to reduce the power, change some a process controlled make the company no need to pay extra cost for investment, help air treatment system of the factory more efficient, and increase equipment life, cost savings for the company each year more than 400 million VND.

For RO water treatment systems, he conducted improvements, install more columns make water softeners and RO water treatment system upstream, install chemical pumps ... The result is better control of the output water quality, reduce the cost of recycled plastic granules. In addition, after treatment via UV filter, water is also used as pure water for company. Besides that, he also offer solutions add pipeline facilities wastewater from RO upstream reservoirs to the tank to make use of water trees in the factory's campus, to help reduce costs for the company each year more than 50 million VND.

According to Le Van Thinh - Chairman of Roussel Vietnam Trade Union "This event is the honor of the company and is the shining example for employees of Roussel Vietnam continuously raising the level to promote initiatives, technical innovations"

Some photos of the Ton Duc Thang  award ceremony, in 2015:

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