Roussel Vietnam Organized Sightseeing Tour In Summer 2014

Roussel Vietnam organized summer sightseeing tour in Vung Tau and Da Lat from 10 -12/07/2014 for employees and their families.

This focused activity was always well-organized and annually maintained in several years. It also expressed the concern of company’s leaders, the Executive Committee of Trade Union with for employees’ lives. Although the tours were organized in 2 different locations, the organization services at every place were performed successfully and brought the joy as well as good impression to employees and their families.

This is a chance for everyone to take a rest, entertain, and regenerate labor force as well as share life experiences. Via this activity, the solidarity, the faith with company also enhanced.

Here are photo of these tour :

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On the day of 12.05.2015, Roussel Vietnam has successfully organized The aborers Conference 2015. The conference was attended by the presence of the Party Committee, the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Trade Union of Sapharco and delegates representing more than 200 employees of the company.