Roussel Vietnam organized the program “ Remember about traditional historical” 2015

Celebrating 85 years of establishment of Communist Party of Vietnam, celebrate the Congress of Communist Party, Roussel Vietnam organized “ Remember about traditional historical”  from 16.7 to 19.07.2015.

The purpose of the program “ Remember about traditional historical”  is to create conditions for the party members of Roussel Vietnam have the opportunity to remember about the history of the glorious tradition of the Vietnamese people through the period of building and defending the country, through finding out the relics, historical land and also helps party members to raise awareness in the business and production activities, contributing to the motivation for patriotic emulation movements and light labor created of Roussel Vietnam.

In the framework of the program “ Remember about traditional historical” , Roussel Vietnam came to Phu Tho province to visit the historic area of Hung Temple, Hung Vuong Museum, and visit the historic ATK Thai Nguyen to figure out the history of the resistance war against the French. In Hanoi, Roussel Vietnam visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, visiting the memorial to President Ho Chi Minh, stilts, fish pond of Uncle Ho ...

Some pictures of the trip :

Roussel Vietnam












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