The Congress Of Trade Union Of Roussel Vietnam, The Second Term In 2014-2019

On May 9, 2014, at the Hall of Roussel Vietnam, “The Congress of Trade Union of Roussel Vietnam, the second term in 2014-2019” occurred with the urgency and high sense of responsibility.

The Congress reviewed and evaluated Trade Union’s activities of the first term in 2012-2014 and proposed direction as well as missions of the second term in 2014-2019. After that, an election was carried out and The Executive Committee of Trade Union, the second term including 07 persons was elected.

The Congress discussed and approved the targets, tasks and striving direction of the second term in 2014-2019 as follows:

  • Promote propaganda, educate political thought, practice and build working staffs as well Trade Union’s Party members that have political awareness, good professional qualification in order to well perform the given tasks.
  • Organize emulation movement effectively in working staffs community in order to contribute to accomplish the manufacturing and business plan of enterprise.
  • Trade Union show the representative role for working staffs in taking care of the rights and lives as well as successfully perform democratic regulations.
  • Strengthen organization, build Trade Union continuously and sustainably, change  content and methods of operation of Trade Union to conform new period, new requirement, enhance Trade Union officers’ level, take part in building Communist Party and The government sustainably.

The Congress approved the Executive Committee of Trade Union, the second term particularly establish program and plans in order to perform well the proposed targets and missions.

Here are photos of the Congress:

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