The Meeting With Boston College, USA

On 22 May 2014, Roussel Vietnam organized a meeting in order to exchange management experience with Boston College, USA in the Hall. The meeting was in the MBA program "International Management Experience Asia" annually held by the Boston University. The meeting occurred in intimate atmosphere with the participation of Roussel Vietnam’s Board of Directors as well as advanced managers.

The content was mainly focused on vision, strategies and challenges of the present and future of the company. Boston College that was established in Chesnutt Hill, Massachusetts, USA in 1863 was ranked 35th in the list of Best Universities of United States in 2013 by Forbes magazine.  Currently, it has been containing 9100 students and 5000 postgraduate students.

Typical images of reception ceremony :

Introduction of Roussel Vietnam

MA, Pharmacist Hung Viet Le – Managing Director of Roussel Vietnam was reading welcome speech

MA, Pharmacist Hung Viet Le – Managing Director of Roussel Vietnam was answering questions about management experience from MBA students, Boston University.

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