Vocation at Phan Thiet beach city 2015

With the consent of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee of Trade Unions has organized vacation tour for the entire staff of Roussel Vietnam in the Phan Thiet city from 17/6 - 19/6/2015.

This is one of the annual activities that Roussel Vietnam always interested, focused to bring joy, the moments of rest, relax with loved ones, family, specially created cohesion between staffs in the company.

With the attention of the organizers, staffs were enjoying the moment of fun, exciting activities, such as team building activities, Gala dinner  on 06/18/2015.

Vacation trips in the  Phan Thiet city was a great success, to comply with the spirit of  fun, safety, cohesion between employees and their families, create motivation to work more energetically.

Roussel Vietnam




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On the day of 12.05.2015, Roussel Vietnam has successfully organized The aborers Conference 2015. The conference was attended by the presence of the Party Committee, the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Trade Union of Sapharco and delegates representing more than 200 employees of the company.
In the morning of July 23th 2016, at the Memorial Temple of Medic in Phú Trung village, An Phú ward, Củ Chi district, HCMC, protein supplement MORIAMIN  FORTE and doctors from Hospital of Cu Chi District jointly organized medical examination , distribute medicine and gifts to 300 people including wounded soldiers, members of policy families and veterans.