Roussel Vietnam Factory

Address: No. 1, Road No. 3, VSIP Industrial Park, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province

Total area: 10,000 m2.

Construction Area: 5,217 m2.

Scale production 

The factory is designed to match the standard good manufacturing practice medicine as recommended by the World Health organization (WHO-GMP). The factory has production line of pills, capsules, powders, creams, ointments and production line of functional foods.

Annual capacity:

1.Tablets, powder & granules workshop   

-  Tablets: 180 million tablets/year (including tablet, film-coated tablet, hard capsules)   

-  Powder & granules: 12 million sachets/year 

2.Cream & ointment workshop- Cream: 12 million pcs/year (including vial and tube)

Quality Systems 

System quality policy and quality control of  Roussel Vietnam was built follow the GLP- WHO standards with modern testing equipment and the testing process is complete appraisal. The test qualified staff expertise, work experience and are trained properly.

Research and Development

Roussel Vietnam attaches great importance to research and development activities and also equipped with production equipment test (pilot) with the function of devices compatible with industrial production helped standardize research new products of the company. Besides, the factory has all the systems and equipment for the work of analysis, evaluation and verification of product quality research.