Traditional Festival of Roussel Vietnam

Roussel Vietnam held traditional festival with the participation of the management company and the employees on 26-03-2015. Traditional festival was held at the factory of Roussel Vietnam (Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park VSIP 1, Thuan An, Binh Duong).

This is a chance of meeting and interacting with all staffs of company, thereby to tighten the solidarity of all members in the company. Festival has been taking place in the joyful atmosphere, reflecting the culture of Roussel Vietnam, creating impressive and confirms the company brand.

Compared with previous years, the content of the 2015 program have taken a new flashmob dance , walking companion, "Together for health" of the entire board and staff at the factory site, in addition, the other contents such as Music contest - fashion shows, Souvenir booth, Relay race, " Gold hand packing" contest, shuttlecock, table tennis.

Festival has been taking place in the playful spirit, solidarity and at the end is the intimate luncheon.

Some pictures of the festival:


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