Day of wounded soldier 27/07

In the morning of July 26.2014, supplement label MORIAMIN FORTE - ROUSSEL VIETNAM together with Quảng Ngãi Hospital ‘s Youth Union co-organized  medical examination and medicines donation for 300 politically favored person and elders in Tịnh Ấn Đông People’s committee, Sơn Tịnh district, Quảng Ngãi province.

This traditional activity “Gratitude” was annually held in the occasion of “Day of wounded soldier 27/07” anniversary of supplement label MORIAMIN FORTE – ROUSSEL VIETNAM during several years. Through this humanistic activity, ROUSSEL VIETNAM expressed their will in contribution to community healthcare with spirit of gratefulness and solidarity.
This year, for the first time, the activity “Gratitude” of ROUSSEL VIETNAM came to distant Central province and local people was really looking forward to join in it. Although available time was 8 AM in the morning but people including many senile elders had gathered from 5AM and impatiently waited to be called.

They all looked joyful, happy after receiving medical examination as well as medicines & gifts.

Here are some pictures recorded:








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